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Hi! I’m Katy, but you can call me Kate if you’d like (I secretly wish that’s what everyone called me so hopefully it’ll catch on). Welcome to my blog! I have absolutely no idea how this whole blogger thing works, but I’m super excited about figuring it out and spreading the sweet love of Jesus while doing it.

Here’s a little bit about myself for anyone who’s curious.

  1. I’m a 19 year old college student from Louisiana who doesn’t have a clue where life’s taking me, but I’m learning to trust Jesus through it.
  2. My life is one big continuous awkward moment, but I’m laughing my way through it. You can never take yourself too seriously.
  3. I’m also super introverted, but adventurous at the same time.
  4. I love Harry Styles. I even got to see him live so basically I’ve peaked in life.
  5. Traveling is my favorite thing to do hands down. I love going to new places and leaving a part of myself behind while at the same time finding a piece of myself I never knew was missing.
  6. I love creating whether it be with words, photos, or art. I just love to create.
  7. I love photography especially wedding and travel related photography. I love the idea of capturing a single moment and keeping it forever.
  8. I can spend hours in bookstores. I’m also incapable of leaving without buying at least one book even though I probably have 10 at my house I haven’t read.
  9. I’m learning to play the ukulele slowly but surely. My fingers are calloused and in pain, but my heart is happy.
  10. Most importantly, I love Jesus. This whole blog is because of Him and for Him.

The reason for starting this blog is because of purpose. This is part of mine, and I want to encourage others to step into their purpose too by writing about my life experiences and what the Lord is teaching me through those things.